• What is disclosure?

    Disclosure is "the process by which a patient safety incident is communicated to the patient by healthcare providers," and it’s a legal requirement in Canada.

  • What is the role of the Council?

    We’re the license holder for delivery within BC of the Saegis Communicating Unexpected Outcomes courses, which teaches care providers, teams and organizations to disclose clinical errors with honesty, empathy and respect.

    We’re responsible for:
    • Tracking the eligibility and accreditation status of all facilitators and master trainers
    • Tracking and reporting on all offerings of the courses
    • Distributing and collecting evaluations for all offerings of the courses
    • Preparing and submitting reports to Saegis for ongoing accreditation

  • Who is Saegis?

    Saegis is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Canadian Medical Protective Association that provides professional development programs and practice management services for Canadian physicians, health care professionals, teams, hospitals and clinics.

Looking for a Course? Want to become a Trainer?

Each health authority coordinates local course offerings.
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